Julianna Rose Mauriello



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Reply MFinnerJug
9:29 AM on May 3, 2019 
hi to all! give me pllase funny cats videoos on yourtube
Reply Scott Palmer
12:59 AM on August 20, 2018 
please don't be scared when I tell you that i'm in love with you really I am and i'll always will be so how is Ruby I miss you both so much really I do just please tell me what I have to do to be closer to you and Ruby
Reply SetkanaoknoThync
5:54 AM on May 12, 2018 
Reply Charles Revercez
11:49 AM on April 20, 2016 
Hi Julianna, how are you ? I'm Charles and you had illuminate my childhood, I want to meet you just one minute for an autograph and a photo. I remember when I was 15, I went to New York city for the first time of my life (I'm french). I hoped to meet you but New York is a very big city ^^, I took a photo in front of th Middleburry school, I know that name mean anything to you ;) , But today I have 17 and soon 18 I have my life now but I never stop to think to you because you are a beautiful woman and I hope for you that your life is better than mine ( my life is fantastic).

See you soon, I hope :)
An admirer
Reply Jonn
4:30 AM on January 16, 2016 
I love you!
5:13 PM on November 19, 2013 
hi julianna how r you. you have nice web site. what you been doing, are you married, have any kids, you have not post any thing on your web site or facebook hope you are ok hun. :) love you :)
Reply Jarlath Jordan
10:36 AM on June 22, 2013 
Hi, My apologies, I meant the Sitcom Glee and not Cheers, You see this is the problem as you get older. You make mistakes and forget. So very sorry. jarlath
Reply Jarlath Jordan
10:28 AM on June 22, 2013 
Hi, I hope that you do not feel that I am odd as I am 60 Years old and married and live in Ireland. Sometimes the videos will come on our TV of episodes of the children's Program that you were cast within of Lazy Town which as I read was undertaken in Iceland. What is very interesting is all the very different Classes for dancing that you did as a very young child which among them was, Irish Dance. I looked on You tube and I do not have a face book account or twitter one either to see if there was possibly some video of you dancing traditional Irish dance. It would be really nice to see I am sure. May I be so bold as to ask what made you choose one of the dances that you learned to be Irish. Do you have any Irish connection within your parents or family background. listening to your voice you do not sound at all like an American. Your voice sounds so natural. Have you ever visited Ireland or tried dance in one of their traditional dance academy school and see is there a difference between it and what you have learned. You were a terrific Child Actress and one can see the talent for this kind of Lifestyle just oozing out of your personality. What do you hope to undertake after you have achieved all your learned qualifications
at University. It would be great to see that very talented actress back on our movie screens in some fantastic dance or singing role or a combination of both say something like Irish River Dance. You have a great God Given Gift and a tremendous talent for what you have done. It really would be a shame to not see it been put to further tremendous use. Possibly the Sitcom Cheers or a combination of ideas. God Bless you for your future career and life.
Reply White Razor
4:20 AM on February 10, 2013 
New site looks pretty good so far! Hope you are well :)